Our story about making it Deazy...

In another lifetime, Deazy’s creators founded a marketplace for hairdressers (before the Treatwell bandits arrived). However they experienced first-hand the pain of not getting the right offshore development partner and were left for dead in the development wild west. It was in the ashes of this experience that Deazy was born with a vision to save others from a standoff with cowboy developers!



Andy is the co-founder and CEO at Deazy. He has worked the majority of his career as a management consultant across strategy, planning and technology. At Heathrow (BAA) he was part of a team developing and prioritising the 6 year IT strategy and spent and worked on other projects for UCAS, SABMiller, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Premier League and Tesco.

He then carried out various roles at IHG Plc, becoming the Director of Strategic Planning for Europe Operations. More broadly Andy is a follower of Jesus, a constantly learning husband and father, foodie fanatic and sports lover.



Gus Chadney is the CTO at Deazy. He’s had a varied technological career, from implementing financial trading platforms in Hong Kong to designing machine learning dialgos in the energy sector. His latest role was the head of tech at an app marketing startup.

This mishmash of tech experience has made him well placed to be our CTO, responsible for helping deliver a wide range of digital projects for our clients, and manage the build of our internal platform. Outside of work, Gus has two main obsessions, board games (around 50), and bikes (only 3…!)


Head of Design

Will heads up the design for Deazy and works closely with our development teams. Designing for over 15 years for businesses across the corporate, automotive, property, fashion and interiors sectors, his work has marketed 15 million pound Ferrari’s, bespoke sofas and change management systems to name a few.

Will is committed to making creative of the highest quality, with strategy at the core of every project. He produces clear, simple and effective designs for a range of digital and print applications. Alongside design, Will is also an able photographer, both commercially and on his holidays, which tend to revolve around a mountain bike and mountains!