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How do I find reliable devs that don’t break the bank?
I am not even technical…Where do I start?
Do I need a CTO and where do I find a good one?
What the ‘chuff’ is DevOps?
How can I accelerate my product development?

Cue team Deazy... we exist to make the hard (d)easy!

dependable devs

Dependable devs

Our roster of development teams are all pre-approved and vetted

‘A’ team

The ‘A’ team recipe

More than just devs, we pull together the perfect balance of skill sets in just the right quantities

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Cost effective

No overheads, you only pay for what you need and at great rates too

product manager

Deazily managed

Our experienced product managers run the process, but you keep control

How we make digital product development easy ...

We combine Deazy’s perfect team recipe with our product development process and platform for the perfect solution

The process

Tried and tested Deazy Product development process to take you from idea to customer validated, beautifully designed and technically sound product

The product manager

The Deazy product manager has the expertise and experience to guide you through the product development process and ensure you make informed decisions along the way

The platform

Our platform automates the boring (but necessary stuff) and keeps everyone on the same page from start to finish

Careful vetted teams

Our partner teams have all been through our rigorous due diligence process to ensure they are the best of the best... only our teams carry the Deazy stamp of approval!

yellow chevron right The scalable Deazy team

Deazy resources

Product Managers

UX/UI Designers

Deazy partners

Scrum masters


yellow chevron right Due diligence process

The 'Deazy Way' or the hard way?


Flexible resourcing

Rigorous due diligence


Scalable solution

Comercially viable products

Reliable devs

Accelerated product development

Low overheads

Low risk

Pre-formed, co-located teams

No language barriers

All tech stacks covered

Onboard devs in days not months


Hiring a CTO /
new devs



great companies

Tried and tested by businesses
of all shapes and sizes:

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Cost was a crucial factor in our decision, as we didn’t have a lot of funds. We had to hit many proof points to get investment and hiring in Deazy allowed us to achieve our goals without the cost of a full-time employee.

Loic Hares - Founder - Resilience Energy