Case Studies


Workspace Experience Provider

bullet point arrowProduct development velocity increased X 6

bullet point arrowImproved Product Quality 

bullet point arrowImplemented Agile Product Development Process

Work.Life provide workspace experiences for freelancers and small companies across the UK. Started on the belief that everyone should feel happy in their work life, their portfolio of co-working spaces across the UK are designed to create personal workspace experiences that promote happiness and engagement.

Resilience Energy: R-Energy Platform

Take household energy into your own hands

bullet point arrowDelivered prototype & obtained investment in 2 months

bullet point arrowDeazy PM expertise translated idea into reality

bullet point arrowDesigned and built the go-to-market app


The world’s first digital transformation intelligence platform

bullet point arrowFrom idea to MVP in under 4 months with 20 B2B users

bullet point arrow20 companies assessed, scored and uploaded to the platform during preview access

bullet point arrowUp to 5,000,000 data points in the evidence base for each company

Deltabase used Deazy to power their mission to disrupt the world of digital transformation due diligence and consulting through a data-led platform approach. Deazy supported the Deltabase team right from the go - helping them turn their well-defined requirements into the right technical solution.

This was achieved...

Reflect and Refocus

Reflective Meditation App

bullet point arrowReduced product costs

bullet point arrowLean team structure

bullet point arrowProduct vision made a reality

Reflect and Refocus is the business of Ruth Hughes, a qualified complimentary therapist who runs workshops and events on reflective meditation. As her business grew and client demand increased, Ruth had the dream of creating the Spotify for reflective meditation, ‘Reflect and Refocus’. Ruth worked with Deazy to develop this exciting digital product as...


Workspace Experience Provider

bullet point arrowProduct kept within budget

bullet point arrowIncreased customer engagement

bullet point arrowResults driven MVP delivered

Fassion is a web app by fashion designers for fashion designers, bridging the gap between designers and consumers with a powerful digital platform to sell and connect over unique and bold products online. Key features of their digital product include online purchasing, customer reviews and the function to contact designers.