The world’s first digital transformation intelligence platform

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We planned, designed and developed - a web platform to browse, view and analyse a company's digital transformation capability maturity. Users navigate a modern, responsive web app to request and explore unique intelligence on the digital capabilities of companies of interest. This intelligence can be used by M&A investors as part of their due diligence processes or by consultancies to help identify areas where their clients are most in need of support. We worked with the Deltabase team to review and prioritise the right features for the MVP and then develop the product roadmap for future releases.

bullet point arrowFrom idea to MVP in under 4 months with 20 B2B users

bullet point arrow20 companies assessed, scored and uploaded to the platform during preview access

bullet point arrowUp to 5,000,000 data points in the evidence base for each company

What's the story?

Deltabase used Deazy to power their mission to disrupt the world of digital transformation due diligence and consulting through a data-led platform approach. Deazy supported the Deltabase team right from the go - helping them turn their well-defined requirements into the right technical solution.

This was achieved through:

1. Exceptional User Experience - stickiness is always key for disruptive platforms so it is crucial users want to stay on the platform and find it easy to extract the information they need to drive their investment decisions

2. Data - the value of the platform comes, in part, through the multiple external data sources (public and private) it uses so it needs to be robust to support the interaction with these many and varied datasets

3. Business scalability - behind the scenes, the platform needed to enable the Deltabase team to efficiently scale their processes in line with an expanding number of clients. This is made possible by automating manual processes and implementing custom workflows in the platform.

Now that the MVP has been validated, we are working together to continue building out the roadmap for the platform, including using AI for automated intelligence gathering and custom data visualizations to further increase the value for Deltabase users.

Deltabase on mobile

Deltabase on desktop

“Deazy has been a nimble, professional and dependable partner for us in a critical, formative stage for our business. We’re delighted with the impact our product has had with our preview customers and the commercial traction that we’re starting to see as a result. As our development partner, Deazy has played a key role in getting us into the point of proving product-market fit so we can now focus on commercial growth and scaling.”

Phil Spratt, CEO