Resilience Energy: R-Energy Platform

Take household energy into your own hands

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We designed, planned and built ‘R-Energy’, an intelligent app to analyse household energy consumption behaviour and allow the user to set a battery charge schedule in the home once the installation is in place. The app acts as a champion for consumers, allowing them to optimise their battery charging schedule, charging at the off-peak times, and selling energy back to the grid when demand is highest.

bullet point arrowDelivered prototype & obtained investment in 2 months

bullet point arrowDeazy PM expertise translated idea into reality

bullet point arrowDesigned and built the go-to-market app

What’s the story?

The National Grid doesn’t store energy in wires, but excess renewable energy available on the
network can be intelligently stored in a customer’s battery, either charging immediately or according to the customer’s schedule, set at the touch of a button.

Other key features of the technology:

1. Customers have the freedom to store and use energy when they need it, including the ice cool option to charge the battery at night when it is cheaper

2. We’re powered up by the results, which have seen staggering savings on annual electricity bills of between £60-£705 per household

3. Customers can log in to view the system they are using and view real time stats of their
battery storage and energy savings

4. The portal admin system allows Resilience Energy to view all systems together and
send commands to multiple systems at all times. They can choose which systems need
to charge and activate this at the touch of a button

Resilience Energy on mobile

Resilience Energy on desktop

“Cost was a crucial factor in our decision, as we didn’t have a lot of funds. We had to hit many proof points to get investment and hiring in Deazy allowed us to achieve our goals without the cost of a full-time employee.”

Loic Hares, Founder - Resilience Energy