Startup Pathfinder Masterclass

Overview and objective

The Startup Pathfinder is designed to help early stage founders assess their startup idea,  identify where you are in the journey of building a brilliant business and define the next steps  to make your startup idea a reality.

What is a “Brilliant Business”? 

A Brilliant Business is one with a product people love, which can grow and acquire customers  profitably and at scale in a market big enough to make it worthwhile.

What if I have already started? 

Great! You will need to have a startup idea already in order to take advantage of this  masterclass.


What will you have at the end of this program?  

  1. Transform your startup idea into a brilliant business  
  2. Identify which areas of your business you need to focus on moving forward, so that you  can build confidence in your problem and your solution. This is critical to clarifying what to  build, and, if necessary, securing the capital you need to progress your business to the  next stage. 

How it works

Each Founder gets: 

  1. Access to the Masterclass content, including video tutorials and exercises, together with  examples and templates. 

2. A 45-minute live 1-1 session with Deazy to discuss the best way to progress  your startup idea towards reality.


This masterclass is delivered as a partnership between Deazy and Who’s Fabio